Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just read!!!

Assalamualaikum W.B.T...

this time i want to show you some literature elements...quoted from game Soul of Samurai...

Those "quotes" are haikus, or Japanese short poems....

It is very interesting when the game uses haikus to describe the storyline of the game....

"First storm of the year
holding an umbrella o'er
small chrysantimums"

"Bell flowers in sight
my heart bouncing up and down
from pure nostalgia"

"Cape Jasmine flowers
remind me of my dear mother
lone clouds in the sky"

"Dew drops to the ground
this must be a demon's lair
or a nest of snakes"

"The moon hides her face
digging soil for potatoes
tell me the season"

"Giant katydid
finding no good place to die
keeps on walking 'round

"The hem of garments
turn vermillion in autumn
hoping it never ends"

"The tranquil autumn sea
ghouls and ghosts in harmony
loudly choke in tears"

"An injured wild boar
willow branches are scattered
by the winter winds"

"Cold autumn showers
pour over and soak thousands
of wandering souls"

"Stems start bending down
the silver grass realizes
its own weight increase"

"Harvesting rice plants
the smell of fertility
brings them hungry ghouls"

"One autumn twilight
in the name of the Hell Lord
I slay those demons"

Here...some more haikus..

"The calm autumn sky
following from underneath
the swallow on its way"

"Butcher-bird is gone
I frown that no longer can
I hear the bird sing"

"Gliding in the winds
the wagtail flies and feels like
king of the whole sky"

"The high autumn sky
after losing one's calmness
the thrush will return not"

"Walk the many roads
dance and turn to blow away
the dews on the way."

"Rice plans been peck on
scarecrow chases birds away
it is just his job"

"The storm blows strongly
among the waves up and down
bobs the helpless boat"

"Swallows in sunset
with dreams never coming true
thin clouds remain calm"

"In the sunset sky
the swallow flies far away
beyond the thick clouds"

"Devouring the souls
of evil ghosts and goblins
earthworms making cries"

"Meaning no hatred
kill with the sword to make bloom
the Patrinia"

"Paulownia leaf
into the red sea of blood
sinks and vanishes"

"Tohjo Castle
evil presence in the dark
fills the air and night"

"Meaning no hatred
kill with the sword to make
bloom of the patrinia"

I like these haikus very much....the choices of words are perfect...

See we can learn literature through the game...

thus we can learn something from everything that we do everyday....

even can learn haikus from the game haha...

But i like this very much...

"The storm is now gone
colours of the sunset sky
paint your cheeks bright red"

Really hope to say this in the future....^_^


Takari-chan said...

erghh....x best langsung.....tapi aq ske yg atas tue....kelantan n terengganu.....cube ko teka aq kat ner..???aku kat psp mrsm ag....^^

Anonymous said...

sengal pnye takari chan

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